Construction Services

From general contracting to full-on construction management, our services span the industry to provide the best possible results, with the bonus of an enhanced client experience.


Our Pre-Construction services include: Site Geography, Technical Review, HAZMAT Investigations, Zoning & Permit Review, Scope Development, Budget Development & Verification, and Conceptual Estimation


Our Design-Build services include: Client Interview, Project Review, Scoping, Budgeting, Drawings & Specifications, Documents & Contracts, Supervision and Project Management, Permits & Fees Inspections, and Close-Out Documentation

General Contracting

Our General Contracting services include: Hard Bid, Negotiated, and Time & Materials (Cost Plus) Contracts

Construction Management

Our Construction Management services include: Construction Management at Risk (Palmetto holds all trade contracts), Capital Improvements, Facility Operations, Management & Maintenance, Program Services Development, Task Identification, and Building Maintenance Work.

Building Services

Our Building services include: Tenant Improvements & Renovations, Drywall & Acoustic Ceiling Repairs, Doors (Frames & Hardware), Interior/Exterior Painting, Welding & Structural Repairs, and Lighting Re-Lamping and Retrofits

Custom Services

Not seeing what you're looking for? Don't worry. Palmetto provides custom solutions for almost any construction need. Please get in touch to learn more.

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Our policy is to provide a clean, safe, and healthful working environment free from recognized hazards in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local health safety regulations.


Our self-performing workforce allows us to deliver projects with the utmost quality control; to meet and exceed industry standards.


We are committed to procuring the highest quality construction equipment and utilizing the most innovative technology in order to establish ourselves as the best builder in Central Ohio.