Groves Road Renovation

A Milestone Moment. A Massive Undertaking.

Palmetto Construction Services was awarded the Groves Road renovation in 2015. It was our largest awarded project to date and it took 13 months to complete. It was our job to convert this property, formerly a lumber yard, into a 200K square foot compound featuring offices and a public service warehouse to hold all new fire engines and safety vehicles.

Doing the Work

In order to complete our mission, we implemented a workforce comprised of 25 craft professionals and 34,000 hours of self-performed work. We demoed the area and peeled and replaced the existing skin and roof. We did encounter one large challenge during construction. An unmarked aquifer was hit while we were digging up the retention pond. This resulted in PCS having to pump 37 million gallons of water out, which meant having to redesign the site and slightly delaying our deadline. The project was completed in January of 2017.