Licking County Admin Annex Renovation

A New Take on an Old-School Build

Palmetto Construction Services was awarded the Licking County Administration Annex renovation project in the spring of 2017. Upon its completion, this remodeled, three-story 1930s structure will house both the Child Support Enforcement Agency and the County Records Center. The renovation will include a 2,000 sq foot expansion, a new roof and elevators, an updated front desk area, and bulletproof glass. The second floor will feature an open office model with both sitting and standing desks for optimum versatility.

Getting it Right

The annex project hit a slight snag upon the realization that initial specs for the elevators would not fit. The architects of the rebuild had to go back and redesign the space, pushing the renovation from April 2018 to June 2018, a two month setback, which presented a challenge for the current occupants.

The annex is in use, which means noise, dirt, and disruption for the administrative team working there. Fortunately, PCS is no stranger to these types of conditions and knows how to communicate with the staff to keep their work area safe and to minimize as much disturbance as possible.