Spray and Play at Veterans Park

Prehistoric Water Park

Palmetto Construction Services was awarded the all-new, state-of-the-art Spray and Play project in 2015. The dinosaur-themed amusement park is an innovative addition to Veterans Park with both wet and dry learning opportunities and fun for the entire family.

Making a Splash

The Spray and Play park offers 38 water features, including a splash pad and slides. The splash areas include polygon cantilevered shade structures, triceratops skeletons, fossil rocks, water cannons, water sprays, jets, and misters. The hardscape includes integral color, fossil imprints, and sandblasted textures. And it was built to reduce water waste. There are 3.4 miles of underground water lines, but the facilities were built with the sustainable implementation of waterless urinals and dual flush toilets. Plus, the low flow faucets and valves reduced the potable water usage by 41%.

On Dry Land

The dry play area is covered largely by synthetic turf and architectural concrete. There are hardscaped walkways that lead to gravel-filled dig pits featuring dinosaur skulls and fossil-imprints. There is a seating pavilion with standing-seam, metal roof coverage, providing the opportunity for entertainment and educational demonstrations. The programmed space also includes restroom and storage facilities plus an all-new concession stand.

The project was completed in May and opened to the public in June of 2016. It was a complex project with outbuildings, hardscaping, and landscaping, plus the drainage systems and infrastructure to support it all. The entire facility is tastefully landscaped and identified with an architectural monument sign.