OSU Vet Hospital Simulation Lab Addition

Room for Growth

Palmetto Construction Services was awarded the addition of OSU’s Vet Hospital Simulation Lab early in the fall of 2017. This 16K sq foot, second-floor addition will provide ample space for faculty offices, a clinical skills lab, and a new teaching lab; all opportunities to improve the quality of teaching. It will also include a new elevator shaft, new columns to support the second floor, and a total renovation of the mens’ and womens’ locker rooms.

A Lesson in Communication

The building is currently occupied, which means coordination is more crucial than ever. It is critical that the construction schedule be communicated to the appropriate parties well in advance. For example, various wards had to be shut down in order to install three columns. Furthermore, one area of the building was blocked off for an entire day in order to remove a door and fill the opening with concrete. Lastly, if a crane is scheduled to be on site, two-weeks notice is given to eliminate any safety and/or timing concerns. We’re working with 40-50 craft professionals on-site and are on track to complete the project by our estimated deadline of August 2018.