Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

When the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay approached Palmetto Construction they had significant budget constraints.

They had $316,000 in bids, and a $200,000 budget. The scope included a complete renovation to Tampa Bay’s 2-1-1 Suicide Prevention Call Center, renovating an office department into a sexual assault triage center with exam rooms, a transformation of the lobby for new security and operational logistics, various classroom improvements, and significant upgrades to the facilities plumbing and HVAC infrastructure systems. Palmetto and the Crisis Center architect, Rios Architecture, worked together to identify segmental scopes of work and helped prioritized portions of the project that could be phased over time. The tempered water loop and the bulk of the HVAC upgrades were deleted from the scope of this phase, while many of the finishes were reduced in cost, but not appearance. Ultimately the cost of the project was reduced to $181,177.

The project scope included removing walls, ceiling and floors. Cutting in new windows and doors with access control. Installing new ceilings, drywall partitions, and paint. New fire ratings for revised access ways. New accordion partitions and support structure. Sawcutting and patching of concrete for new plumbing for showers and sinks. New flooring and reconstruction of lobby. New casework in offices, and closets. All during a phased active, secure environment.